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Over the past few nights we’ve been hearing a strange noise coming from the adjacent cemetery. We assumed it was a fox or fox cubs or possibly a weasel and our immediate thoughts were to the safety of our ducks. But since installing the electric fence, they’ve been as happy as ever and after receiving the punch like impact to my index finger, I knew the fence was doing its job.

Last night we decided to do some more investigation. There seemed to be two animals making the same sound, as if calling to each other. It sounded like a whistling screech. A quick search on google and youtube pin pointed what it was for us. It definitely wasn’t a mammal. I recorded the racket for compassion to any youtube clips. Turns out we have two young Long Eared Owls, hungrily calling out in the night sky for their next meal.

Long Eared Owls are one of few owl species in Ireland. They don’t actually have long ears, just tufts of feathers that look like them. I don’t know why we didn’t even think of an owl initially, especially since a night last week. We were sitting outside as it turned twilight and something caught our eyes flying through the trees and rapidly swung away into the back field. If we hadn’t of seen it, we wouldn’t have heard it! It was an adult owl and it stealthily swooped over our heads like an F-117 Nighthawk, ready to drop its payload. It’s the first time I’ve ever seen an owl out in the wild, and it’s beyond me why we didn’t think that it would have nearby chicks. The internet tells me they like to nest in large conifers. Well that’s what the graveyard has plenty of. I must say, I’m delighted we have another unique visitor to Woodhaven. Our list of wild animals is increasing all the time. I should probably mention that we have bats too. At dusk they take flight and zip, zig and zag across the navy blue sky, snatching at insects they’ve echoed on.

As an aside, my boss reported a strange noise in her back yard last night. It sounded like sawing wood and continued for an hour. I could tell you the whole story, but she never found out what it was and it didn’t seem as though a neighbour was doing some very late night carpentry. Google told us both that it was a Leopard or Panther. I wonder???

Image courtesy of Bird Watch Ireland


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