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I’ve been busy all week so not much time for posting.


1st: Nespresso Pixe. I’ve wanted one for ages. From all reports, they seem to be a coffee lovers dream. Simple and quick to use. Not that I’m crazy about my coffee, but would be nice to have at the weekends when I’m at home and not grab coffees on the go.


2nd: A Quilt from Luke Haynes. I’ve been following Luke for a while now and am totally in love with his quilts. He mixes the traditional with modern appliqué images and creates wonderful pieces of art. Check him out and his projects at http://www.lukehaynes.com He has become someone I admire and aspire to be like, if ever, for my quilting projects (however few they are).


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1st: A Convex Mirror.  I’m not sure why exactly, but I’ve always liked them.  I’ve just the place for a medium sized one in the conservatory,


2nd: My Yellow Umbrella back.  You know who you are.  I had this wonderfully yellow umbrella that I got for €10 in TK Maxx.  It was samsonite and really robust.  A friend, ‘my ex-wife’, as I like to call her, borrowed it and hasn’t returned it.  I’ve always felt it brought sunshine to a gloomy day.


3rd: A Sunny Sunday.  This Sunday is what’s known as Cemetery Sunday in Mullingar.  For the past few weeks people have been visiting the graves of dead relatives and cleaning them up.  This Sunday everyone assembles in the graveyard and a mass is performed to bless the graves.  It’s done every year.  Richie’s extended family will be coming from near and far and it would be nice to have some sunshine while they visit.


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1st – Wisteria. They are so beautiful when they are in flower. I’ve seen 6 trees grow around a gazebo a few months back the flowers dripped from their branches like a marshmallow cascade. I wouldn’t mind a pair on either side of our Front Door way, intertwined in an archway.

Image Link

2nd – Antique Studio/Directors lamp. After seeing one of these on Tv, I’ve always wanted one for the living room. Of course, my friends Paul and Mark pipped me at the post and got one brought back from Potterybarn in America. There was one in Meadows and Byrne but it’s no longer on their website.

Image Link

3rd – Metal Skulls and Outdoor cushions. Speaking of Pottery Barn, I haven’t been to their website in a while but I just found both of these. You Like?

Image Link

Image Link

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1st: My Laser Eye Surgery to go well
I’m getting my eye sight corrected with Laser Eye surgery, later today. No more glasses or contacts, I hope. I’ve been saving up for this and wanted to get it done a long time. So fingers crossed it all goes swimmingly without complications.


2nd: Get to see the Dark Knight Rises.
I’ve a feeling this movie won’t be as good as the first two Christopher Nolan adaptations but I’m not that interested in this one. I’m mostly looking forward to seeing the teaser trailer to The Man of Steel. By all reports from San Diego Comic Con, the trailer should give you goosebumps.


3rd: A weekend away in Sligo
This should be happening next month, as a friend of ours, Brian, has invited us down for Sligo Gay Pride. I need to get to Strandhill for my first surfing lesson and get to the top of Knocknarea (or Medb’s Cairn).


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1st: Something good to watch on TV and/or the net. We’ve been watching True Blood and Falling Skies and they are missing something. True Blood, still entertains me but has been going in all directions over the past few seasons. There seems to be too many characters that have their own plot and even irrelevant plotline. I’ve tried other TV series’ but couldn’t get into the likes of Mad Men or Boardwalk Empire. Maybe I haven’t given them a chance. Been watching Dexter season 1 and so far we’re loving it. The great thing is that we still have 5 more seasons to go.


2nd: A gardener. I pretend we don’t have the time, and Richie tends to be the one that does most of the hard work. I wish we could afford a gardener to come in once a month and blitz the place. Woodhaven soil must be extremely fertile, even the weeds look prehistoric.


3rd: Joss and Main to deliver to Ireland. www.jossandmain.com, register with this site to see what bargains are available. Be warned, you’ll be envious and as bothered as me, when you see the things you can’t have. It’s basically a market place with different offers every day and the offers run out after a certain period. They theme each offer also. One final warning, some of the stuff is really expensive but bleeding gorgeous.


4th: Snow Boots. No I don’t ski and Ireland doesn’t get a relentless winter of continual snow. It’s very occasional that we get snow which would fall for longer than a 1 week period but that doesn’t stop me from wanting both of these. Two winters ago we got a good deposit of flurries. The country came to a standstill for 2 whole weeks. I was working from home and though cabin fever set in a little, looking out at blanketed fields and heavily dusted trees, made it worth it.

Moon boots, and

Sorel Snow Boots

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1st: Wonder Woman movie. Yep, you read that correctly. All this talk of Justice League movie on the internet has made me want a Wonder Woman Movie. I’m a fan, not a huge fan, but a big one. It’s time for her to hit the big screen and this needs to happen before Justice League. Warner Bros. are trying to emulate the success of Batman Begins. Batman was excellent because it was almost realistic but this would be difficult with Wonder Woman. It might take the Man of Steel movie, next year, to pump some attention to the likes of Wonder Woman. Fingers crossed. Maybe Wonder Woman needs a post all on her own.

This reminds. I really need to get this down to Woodhaven.

2nd: Mason/Ball Jars, I don’t know why I want these exactly. I just do. I’ve seen them used as drinking glasses in the US and I need to get me a batch for my own kitchen. If I owned a café, all the drinks would be served Mason or Ball jars. Actually why American jars, surely a Chivers Jam Jar would do?

Image link

3rd: Some artwork from society6 or dna11 artwork.

DNA11, get a sample of your DNA (that you send them) and create portrait of the DNA sequence. You can customize the artwork that you purchase, by choosing the size and colours. I personally like the pink DNA portrait (sequence, g-nome, whatever)

Image link

Society6 is more geeky art prints but it’s still intriguing, with a huge collection.

Staying on the Wonder Woman theme. Image link

I love this one by Scott Listfield.
Image link


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This is still all very new. So new in fact, I forgot to do it last week. This week you’re getting it early, since I’m going to Spain, as my brother is getting married. For my ‘avid’ readers, I won’t be gone long, only 2 days and I’ve left Richie a list of tasks to do while I’m gone. I might try and get him to write as a special guest writer, if he’s willing.

1st: A Proper Summer. The weather has been up and down lately, that’s it’s hard to plan anything outside. I hear people mouthing off about having our Summer already, back in April. I’m not that pessimistic about it. I’m sure we’ll get a heat wave of some sort soon. Maybe I’ll bring it back from Spain, with me.

image via

2nd: This pouf from TK Maxx (sorry for the blurry photo). TK Maxx is the best. You can get some very unique items in it and doesn’t cost and arm or a leg. I’m mostly drawn to their Home wares. If I’d offer any advice on shopping here, it would be to give yourself time to wander and take in the products and only buy something you really love and is at a reasonable price. Otherwise, you’ll want everything and you’ll make the wrong choice.


3rd: To quit smoking. I gave up for 2 months and foolishly went back on them. I was doing well and all and wasn’t finding it difficult to stay away from their poisonous grip. I know, I’m an idiot!


4th and finally: To wish my brother, his fiancée and their 3 girls a fantastic day and beautiful and fulfilling life together. I’ve not picture of them, but I’m sure a blog post will follow on my return.

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