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It’s been a while

I’m back!!! Well not sure how often I’ll post but it’s been so long. A lot of stuff going on and I’ve managed to stick with the quilting. Not as much as I’d like but this little fella was knocked up in a few evenings, as a Christmas present for my niece who happens to be my god child. She loves the American Flag on anything, clothes, pencil cases, shoes, you name it. I think it’s a fad. You know kids.

It wasn’t rocket science and as usual it’s far from perfect but I love it so much I want to keep it for myself. Here’s phase one that my sister kindly held up for me.


And here it is completed on my niece’s wall that myself and a friend recently painted perfect blue stripes on. (Side note: It’s actually easy to paint stripes on a wall. Good masking tape. Paint the edges of the tape and the wall the original colour to stop leaks. Wait for it to fully a dry 24 hours then do the stripe colour. Remember to take off the tape while the paint is wet. )


It’s held up with pegs, simple wooden ones. Just prize them apart. Nail one piece to the wall and reassemble the peg with the other piece. Bob’s your uncle.



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Another thing I’ve noticed about America and I thought this deserved its own post, is something about the Kids of America.

It’s confidence, and not badly to the point of arrogance. Just plain old self-confidence and self-assurance. They have it and it’s like they’ve been bestowed with it from birth.

The main reason we were in America was for Damien’s son’s Communion and that’s when I first noticed this self-belief. None of the kids had any qualms about standing in front of a crowd. Many of them read passages from the pulpit in full view of the congregation. They enunciated clearly and loudly like accomplished orators. I remember my stomach churning whenever I had to talk in public. I only got rid of this in adulthood and it returns now and again and i have to force myself to get over it. I remember feeling like this and turning red in the face with embarrassment, when only having to read aloud to the rest of my classroom. Words would come out with a robotic stammer.

I was really impressed by them, and it made me jealous that I wasn’t more like this when I was younger. I was also taken aback by the overall discipline of the children in the Church, bar one particular child that lost attention now and again. I was later told that the school does Communion rehearsals, 4 or 5 of them. In Ireland, they’d probably do 1 rehearsal and the whole thing would be a shambles.

Side Note: Damien’s 4 year old daughter sat quietly with us, scanning pictures on a camera. She stopped abruptly on one of Richie and me exchanging a very small peck on the lips. She felt the need to move to every single person on the pew and tell them, ‘I saw Paddy and Richie kissing’, in her most adorable American accent. By the time it got to Richie’s mother, she actually thought we were kissing there and then, in the church.

Finally, where else but in America would kids just sing together randomly on the steps of a Museum.

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