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I popped up to pay Paul and Mark a visit at their home, in Dublin, the other other day. The two of them have been hard at work getting their garden in order, over the past year. They both laboured long and Mark is the maintainer and pretty much spends a lot of time their during the summer months, checking plants are doing well and adding constantly to his collection.


We’ve been having a very wet summer so when the sun eventually shines, the flowering plants make full use of it and immediately put their energies into blooming. And that’s how their garden is, in full bloom.


They live in an area close to Dublin city centre which I’d consider urban/suburban, and seeing their garden really confirms what you can do in a nominal amount of space.


They have a wide range of plants and flowers. I’m jealous of these flowers, since Mark said he only sprinkled the seeds on the soil. We brought these seeds back from the US (Beekman 1802 seeds), in May. We never planted our ones, so I’m sure you feel our envy.


This tiger lily is absolutely gorgeous.


Their plum tree is fruiting generously. Won’t be long for these to be fully ripe.


Mark couldn’t resist some garden work while I was there. You can tell it’s more his baby.


A little oasis in Dublins Fair city.


My green-eyed monster broke out when I saw his newly purchased Wisteria already planted and readied for training up the back of their house. I went and bought two of them myself.


And this lily. Cut back every year and this pops up every summer.


The garden isn’t only gem where they live. They have a 2 year Bernese Mountain dog called Charlie Brown and new addition in the form of a very tiny (almost toy) kitten called Woody. How cute are they.



Charlie is protective of Woody and will even pick her up and put her back to bed. Both of them are female, though you wouldn’t think it by the names.


They get on adorably with each other.



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