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Hello Kitty!

I’ve been holding off on posting about another recent addition to the Woodhaven clan. Following the death of my beloved Queen Victoria, I was quite adamant about not getting another pet, least of all a cat. But just as Vicky arrived unannounced (against her usual, more grandeur entries), this little guy appeared at our patio door a few weeks ago.



We managed to capture him after an hour long escapade of ducking and diving. He wasn’t in a great shape either. For the first week we cleaned him up, fed him and monitored his symptoms, which was a runny nose and clotted eyes. Once the week was up I brought him to the vet for a full check and the vet did usual vaccinations and a jab for Feline flu, which is what he believed was affecting the little guy.


He’s now foot loose and fancy free and totally friskified (which is a new word for wild, curious, up to mischief and bold). Oh and he’s also not a he, he’s a she. We haven’t settled on a name just yet, since we thought he was a male and were initially going with Prince Leopold. We’re not even sure we’ll keep him. He’s already stalking the ducks (more on them soon). The only way I’d let her go is if she was going to a devoted, decent home.



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…….Queen Victoria. Yep, that’s what we decided to call her and if any of you watch Pregnant in Heels on Bio, you’d know why.

Ain’t she pretty:


She arrived at the back door of Woodhaven on Saturday and hasn’t left us since. Though that’s probably because we fed her. To be honest I’m not a lover of cats but she has grown on me. Her obvious young age also tugged on my heart strings as I didn’t want something bad to happen to her. I went to the vets today to see of anyone reported her missing. I had visions of a some kid crying over a her ‘lost miss tingles’. They said she’s most likely a stray if she doesn’t have a collar on but would be good to have her in for vaccines and to have her spayed.

She has settled into Woodhaven very quickly. Though she’s lazy during the day she loves the attention and each day she ventures further into the house. Curiosity hasn’t killed this cat yet.

I was worried about what impact she might have on the birds that come to the garden. They seem unaffected for now. There was also a stand off with the ducks but they tend to ignore her majesty.

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