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May the force by with her

It’s with great sadness, again that I announce that there has been another passing in Woodhaven. My blog posting was on hiatus for a bit and will be for a bit longer. But I’m going to take this time to tell you all that Yoda has been put to sleep after an emergency visit to the Vet.


Yoda was a lone stray kitten when Richie’s cousin, aptly named Cat (short for Catrina), found her on the side of a road in Co. Wicklow. Cat and her boyfriend Derek, brought the little tike home to nurse her back to health and she became their pet and companion.


She was a content house cat and rarely went outside, and this allowed her to observe Catrina’s day to day routines. She even knew when to wake Catrina up in the morning by licking her nose gently. It wasn’t uncommon to see Yoda perched on the shoulder of Derek as if she was replacement for a pirate’s parrot.

Catrina spilled luxury on Yoda. She had the best pink litter tray palace and all the best foods and treats. This luxury would be removed when she came to live in Woodhaven. As it happened Catrina and Derek moved to Canada (they are there now and hopefully reading this with a sense of fondness and nostalgia), so Yoda became a new resident of Woodhaven.


We tried to slowly break Yoda out of the luxury she was used to and help her adapt to other comforts and to begin a life outdoors. She slept happily in the boiler house and was indoors most of the day, always longing to be close to one us. We were her creature comfort. She made valiant effort to the transition outside and we’ve seen her hunting with success. This, we hope, opened her world to a bigger life. Or well, that’s what I’m telling myself, the poor little thing.


When she came to us, I was used to Victoria and her youthful ways and Yoda arrived with a quiet maturity that I didn’t understand all the time. But this didn’t take away from the fact that she was to become a member of the family. Sometimes I thought she acted peculiar but I can safely say that this was probably down to her new found condition and reason for her passing. You see, Yoda, or Yody as Catrina mostly called her, had underdeveloped kidneys. We sometimes felt she looked off but would bounce back. Obviously this was causing her pain and it all came to a head yesterday evening. Richie could see she didn’t look well at all and seemed to have lost weight overnight. He went to the vet and it was confirmed about her kidneys and the vet confidently expressed that they believed Yoda hadn’t very long to live. The pain was likely unbearable.


The decision was made to allow Yoda to be put to sleep. Richie wanted to be there for her and stayed with her until the end. I don’t think I could’ve done that. He found it very upsetting, for Yoda, for himself and for how Catrina and Derek might feel, especially since they are now in a different country.

I can only take consolation in knowing that Yoda is in a better place and probably with Victoria. Her passing has left another sense of melancholy in my heart, as it has with the rest of Woodhaven. RIP Yoda.



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Yet another murky cloud has overshadowed Woodhaven and I’m not talking about the bad weather. Our fine-looking monarch and ruling Queen, Victoria, has, with great sorrow, passed away. I’m finding it hard to get over this. I left the house at 6:20am and then Richie found her 2 hours later at the front of the driveway. Her life had been knocked out her, most likely by a passing vehicle. The house is right on a bend and most of the time, the cars speed by.

I’ve grown up without pets. ‘Too many mouths to feed already’, my mum would say. When Victoria arrived at our back door, I was little impressed but for her beauty. She grew on me almost instantly and I had grown to appreciate her independence and sometimes dependence on us for the odd snuggle. Finding her lazy on a bed upstairs would put a smile on my face. It perplexed me most of the time, on how she got there, but I’d be amazed when she’d look up with that, ‘Hey. Yeah, I’m here, by the way’ look on her face. A big yawn and a stretch and then back to sleep!


I’ll miss her trot down the garden to the house, with her lemur like striped tail, high in the air. She was still so very young. Not even a year old. For fuck’s sake! Pardon my language. I’m pissed off and upset. I’m annoyed that I got attached in the first place but happy to have had her too. It’s so confusing. This is the likely reason why I’m not good having pets and animals around. We still have Yoda of course. Yoda was a house cat that Richie’s cousin gave us. She’s moving abroad, so we said we’d take the small patchy ginger/white/black cat. Yoda has slowly become an outdoor cat, against her own comfort, but she sticks close and never ventures off. She lacks the feral attitude that Victoria possessed. She’s older and more mature than Victoria was, so has lost her naughty but playful side. This isn’t a bad thing. Just, Victoria made me laugh and smile more.


We plan to bury her when I get home from work today (I’m writing this in work. Has to be done). I want to be the one to place her in the ground. She was my little baby.

If I was to have read a similar blog post, to this, 3 years ago, I’d probably be throwing my eyes to the sky, confused why people can get attached to pet. To all animal lovers out there, I’m sorry to ever have thought like that.

All rise, and hail Queen Victoria. You will be sadly missed, my mischievous, furry baby, with the best eye liner in town.


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A gloomy cloud has descended over Woodhaven. Linda has been killed. The life of one of our ducks (Linda) was taken by a dog while we were away.

Our ducks have always had the free reign of Woodhaven. They even leave it, to the surrounding fields, but always come back home. Linda has been brooding the past few weeks and we worked it out that her clutch wouldn’t hatch until we came back from New York.

The poor girl was dishevelled and exhausted. Whenever she left her eggs for some food or to freshen up (as if she had her own powder room), Hank (the drake), would attack her. It was almost like he was forcing her back to his offspring. I condemn domestic abuse, so there was a few times he nearly got a kick in the arse from me. The other wives of his harem were protective of Linda, to an extent. I noticed they tried distracting Hank. It was either they were protecting her or just glad they weren’t the brooding mother.

Back to the point though! The murder happened during the day time. It was quick and could not have been avoided. The dog got loose from a nearby house and did what dogs do, I guess. The young Husky cast a large, dark shadow over our content home, that day. I’ve pictured in my mind what ordeal Linda went through. I hope she put up a good of a fight, as she did whenever we came too close to her. And where were the rest of the flock? The lucky four were in a back field, rummaging in the undergrowth for food, oblivious to the heinous crime that was being committed.

The two Lauras and Mark made a valiant attempt to save the eggs. They had friends arrive with chickens in the hope they would adopt the eggs and complete the hatching but sadly that wasn’t meant to be. They even tried to get an incubator. What they did next, I was most appreciative of. They buried Linda in the garden. But not only Linda, they placed her brood beneath her, together in the end and forever.

So what have we learned from this? We got complacent. The ducks are free spirits but they are going to have to be more restricted now. We bought a 50 metre electric fence for their protection. They’ll still be happy. The area is large and their safety is number one after all. I wouldn’t want another episode like this to happen.

Here lies Linda and her brood. RIP.

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