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It’s been a while

I’m back!!! Well not sure how often I’ll post but it’s been so long. A lot of stuff going on and I’ve managed to stick with the quilting. Not as much as I’d like but this little fella was knocked up in a few evenings, as a Christmas present for my niece who happens to be my god child. She loves the American Flag on anything, clothes, pencil cases, shoes, you name it. I think it’s a fad. You know kids.

It wasn’t rocket science and as usual it’s far from perfect but I love it so much I want to keep it for myself. Here’s phase one that my sister kindly held up for me.


And here it is completed on my niece’s wall that myself and a friend recently painted perfect blue stripes on. (Side note: It’s actually easy to paint stripes on a wall. Good masking tape. Paint the edges of the tape and the wall the original colour to stop leaks. Wait for it to fully a dry 24 hours then do the stripe colour. Remember to take off the tape while the paint is wet. )


It’s held up with pegs, simple wooden ones. Just prize them apart. Nail one piece to the wall and reassemble the peg with the other piece. Bob’s your uncle.



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The term Recession Present has been thrown about the last few weeks, which essentially means ‘I made this gift for you’. You know what, I might not like the term but I do like the idea. I thought I’d test this out a little this year by creating some original Paddy artwork for two different friends.

First up, I drew a Panda with oil sticks, for one of my Laura’s. Her love for Pandas is bordering on obsession.


Second one, I’m slightly more keen on, is a picture of an irresistibly adorable Bernese Mountain Dog named Charlie Brown. She’s a beautiful and loving and very huggable pet to my two long friends of mine Paul and Mark. I’m quite proud of this painting and both of the guys were quite surprised and grateful of their gift.


I’ll try and get pictures of them all with their gifts. Without sounding too cocky or big headed. I’m very proud of my work. I haven’t painted in a long time. I think it’s time to rekindle that. In fact if any of you guys reading this would like to order a painting of your pet. Please feel free to contact me. I’m sure we could come to a very reasonable price.

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