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Some of my regular readers will know that I’m very fond of where I live. Mullingar is a town with heaps of character and a beauty. Its charm is not always seen from its long term residents and I sometimes wish I could lend them my eyes. I see the town in very different light, maybe because I’m a newcomer. I’ll post about the best qualities of the town and surrounding areas another time but right now I want to talk about the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. At first, I wasn’t too sure if it was a good parade or not. I think it could’ve done better. Overall, it turned out quite entertaining.


It was the first parade I’d been to in Mullingar. I don’t know what I was expecting really. Town parades, outside of the larger cities of Ireland, can be more about advertising local business. That’s a good thing but having a 4X4 towing a skip on a trailer to advertise Waste Collection, kind of takes away from the parade experience.


Not that it was a total flop. I guess it was a traditional parade, from how I remember them to be in Dublin as a child. It just lacked a little in atmosphere and festivity.

There was some humour in it though. Guess what was dragging this float along?


The iceberg, of course.


Mullingar has recently lost the 200 year presence of Irish Defence forces. Columb Barracks is closing the end of this month, and all the soldiers are moving to the barracks in Athlone, so this might be the last time the Army attends the parade.



Some of Artillery on display.


I even managed to see Richie on one of the trucks.


Here’s Father Bob (resident Defence Forces priest), along with St. Patrick himself!


At one stage, I thought it was strange to see Riot Control. Were the celebrations turning nasty? Nope, just a display of the multitude of duties that the Irish Defence forces are involved in.


There were more high points. Here are the men involved with the Festival of Fires. Their garb and steeds impressed me.


I managed to get pics of the local Arts Centre participations but there was a lot of people in the way so didn’t deem the photos good enough to put here. I’m kicking myself I didn’t make a better effort. I can tell you that they did a fantastic job though. A lot of the kids are involved with a production of Grease and they attended in their costumes and performed many of the musical’s songs.


I hope they can do better next year. I just felt in needed an injection of fun and more involvement with the crowds. The guys/gals on the float for Belvedere House, attempted this but kind of failed with cringing looks from the crowd. This just could’ve been where I stood. The street is wider at that point. Further along the route the street narrows and there seems to be more spectators down there.


Reading back over this, it actually sounds like a great parade.

Before I left, I looked around. There were some smiling faces, mostly on children. If they enjoyed it, who am I to judge?



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