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I said before in this post how I was looking for sewing and specifically Quilting lessons. I finally got a beginners lessons from someone quite wonderful.

I’ve been searching google Ireland for lessons and places to source good quality fabric. I found one 20 minutes away from me and that’s Just Cotton. This is a home run fabric store with a huge amount of fabric, books and notions. But it’s more than that. The owner, Penny, also arranges for other sewing or Quilting enthusiasts to come together professionally and socially. And from the biggest teapot I’d seen there, it kinda confirms the social element of Just Cotton.

When I first went out to Just Cotton I was amazed how big a studio it was. My pictures don’t really show it but images on the Just Cotton website will show you that. After meeting Penny in person, she kindly suggested that she could help me with developing my skills further. So yesterday I went back out to Just Cotton and she thought some more of the basic skills I’d need for my future quilting projects. One of which is in full swing. I’ll post about that when it’s completed.

I arrived and relaxed in Penny’s company instantly and we got straight down to making some panels. I learned how to perfect the joins between fabrics. In that time other visitors and buyers arrived. They too seemed very comfortable, and relaxed with coffee or tea, while they pursued the fabrics and items they needed.

We stopped for a quick lunch and got straight back into binding for a beginner. My multi tasking skills were put to the test. I discovered that sewing on a machine and chatting at the same time is something a man needs to work on. It wasn’t all work though. We did manage to chat, mostly with me stopping and penny urging me to continue. And we got to know one another by exchanging stories. I’m much more at ease now with quilting than I was and I gained experience that YouTube just can’t teach you. Plus I made a new friend and Penny has suggested I come along to her Saturday morning sewing social club, whenever I like.

If you are looking for fabric, especially in the midlands. Check out Just Cotton and most importantly try to visit. Much better to see and feel the quality of the fabric than just buying it online.

Some of the quilts on display are more artwork than anything else.




Some of the fabric selections available.



Landscape quilting.


The panels I made.



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