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Irish Equality

Irish Equality

‘Standing up for what is right will allow others to stand with us and to bask in the sunshine of Happiness.’ – Me, just now

You may read this, you may gleam over it or maybe you won’t see it at all because you’ve chosen to ignore me on your newsfeed.  In some ways I don’t blame you, especially over the last few weeks with the litany of posts/reposts (on facebook) relating to Marriage Equality and the Yes side.

It’s 2 days to the Marriage Equality Referendum in Ireland.  And I’m voting Yes.  Without a shadow of doubt, I’m voting yes.  I’ve a chance here to describe my childhood.  But right now who cares about the wonderfully happy times and equally miserable ones.  I have my own story, as do you.  You don’t need to know it.

Right now we need to focus on Our Story.  We have chance to make history and mold the future for the happiness of all.  Read the information, don’t go on my post.  Don’t go by anyone’s article or opinion on TV debates.  Go and get the information you need yourself and know the facts.  Then and only then can you be safe to know you’re making the right decision for all, not just for you. (though the link at the end is a good place to start).  Go out and vote.  Deep in my heart I want you to vote Yes.   I need you to vote Yes.  But it will rest in your hands on the day.

Our great nation have spread ourselves across the world and contributed remarkably to the success of other countries.  It’s time to take that greatness back to our own land once more.    We may be a small island but the referendum will be loud for all the world to hear.   And we should be heard for doing what is right and good for all us.

It will be a Monumental Moment in Irish history alone, the first country to have Marriage Equality voted by the people into our Constitution.  That is something profound and something to marvel at and most of all to be proud of.  A strong and empowering message will be echoed around this planet and will have originated with us.  And we can stand nobly, ‘We did this’.

When results are announced this Saturday, you may not cry a little.  I think I will however.  I’m not ashamed to admit that.  Whatever way it swings, I’m just hoping the tear will be for joy. Change the future and see the world not as it is but as it should be.

PS It’s my birthday on 22nd May also and I’m off work.  I’m offering lifts to and from Polling stations if anyone needs one or wants to have a car pool poll party.  Especially in my locale #votermotor

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