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Have you been Pinfected with Pinterest? What’s Pinterest I hear you ask? Pinterest.com is the latest site addiction I have. I’m not sure how I came across it but I’m glad I did. You too will be drawn in to its alluring attributes.

Pinterest is effectively a virtual notice board. You see something on the net that you like, you can pin it to a board for all other Pinners to see (Pinheads as I like to call them). Now everyone can share in that beautiful tile that you adore for my kitchen floor or that secluded getaway in the south of spain or even that garden gnome Christmas tree decoration, made from felt, that I’m going to make.

This website caters to our needs but mostly it caters to our Wants. It’s wonderful and amazing and Torturous. It entirely builds on our desires. Repinning something will keep it with you forever so you’ll never forget how great life can be.

I’d say most of Pinterests user group is in the States. But it’s creeping into Ireland and I’m starting to hear more people talking about it. I should be content with that but NO, I’m not. In fact, I’ve stopped telling people about it in person, because I don’t want them to steal ‘MY’ ideas. Yep, that’s right!!! Pinterest pins are all my ideas and if I repin you can’t copy me ok???? Note to self, stop sharing inside thoughts. This would be whole opposite of what Pinterest is supposed to be about. Pinterest is about sharing and I’m finding myself not wanting to share with people that don’t know about Pinterest. It’s mine, all mine (there’s those inside thoughts again).

I’ve decided to blog this in an effort to get over my greed and selfishness.



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This is just a quick mini post. Forgot to mention Jilly brought me back a Kreg jig master system from New York (available in Ireland at www.joemckenna.ie). I nearly did a dance when I got it home. I can’t wait to use it in upcoming projects like a bookcase, possible new island unit, etc. If you don’t know what it is. You should YouTube it. It’s for drilling the perfect pocket hole. I think I might have a fetish for power tools!


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I spent a year in Australia and they can almost guarantee great weather. Especially during the summer months, when nights stay warm. There’s so many choices for what to do and many are focused on outdoor activities.

Nighttime is no exception, with even the cinema moving outdoors. If you wanted you could slump on a bean bag in Moore Park surrounded by other couch potatoes or you could watch a movie from the steps at Macquarie Point with wine and cheese. The screen was on the water in front of the Opera House.

I wanted to bring this idea home with me. On a smaller scale, of course. The weather doesn’t really permit this kinda thing in Ireland. I’ve been jealous of seeing Americans on tv or film being able to pull up alongside other cars at the DriveThru.

A little over 2 months ago Richie and I decide to throw a shindig. It was late summer so though it was mild outside, rain was nearly a dead cert. Up went the marquee and umbrella, a bit of mood lighting and an old sheet pegged up on a line, spanning in front of the view of the back field. We hooked up a laptop to a projector and ‘Hey Presto’, we got our very own Moonlight Movies. Grease watched outside is even better than I imagined.






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