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Hello Kitty!

I’ve been holding off on posting about another recent addition to the Woodhaven clan. Following the death of my beloved Queen Victoria, I was quite adamant about not getting another pet, least of all a cat. But just as Vicky arrived unannounced (against her usual, more grandeur entries), this little guy appeared at our patio door a few weeks ago.



We managed to capture him after an hour long escapade of ducking and diving. He wasn’t in a great shape either. For the first week we cleaned him up, fed him and monitored his symptoms, which was a runny nose and clotted eyes. Once the week was up I brought him to the vet for a full check and the vet did usual vaccinations and a jab for Feline flu, which is what he believed was affecting the little guy.


He’s now foot loose and fancy free and totally friskified (which is a new word for wild, curious, up to mischief and bold). Oh and he’s also not a he, he’s a she. We haven’t settled on a name just yet, since we thought he was a male and were initially going with Prince Leopold. We’re not even sure we’ll keep him. He’s already stalking the ducks (more on them soon). The only way I’d let her go is if she was going to a devoted, decent home.



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I’ve been meaning to do a write up about a Garden Centre that’s close to my heart and close to us locally here in Mullingar. That’s O’Mearas Garden Centre. Be prepared for a lot of photos here. I went snap happy.


It’s not exactly Mullingar, but a place called Gaybrook, Co. Westmeath. (shove these into google maps for the location 53.48074211990637, -7.289772033691406). I think if you’re looking for a garden centre with a little difference then O’Mearas is the place to visit and even worth a road trip if you’re living outside of Westmeath.



I want this little bird bath.

And this little guy.

I’ll warn you now though. Bring your wallet. It can be expensive and even with the bargains and lower priced stuff, you’ll end up spending, regardless. But forget that for now. A bit of retail therapy does everyone a world of good. Don’t do what I do and just spend, price around first. O’Mearas do offer great deals but you might find things cheaper in other garden centres. One thing for sure, they tend to be better priced than Woodies and has better quality products and plants that are well taken care of.



O’Mearas seems different to most Garden Centres. Sounds like I’ve been to them all. But of the ones I’ve been to, O’Mearas offer that little bit more.



Of course there’s the multitude of plants, trees, the entire flora you can think of.


But, as you can see, they also offer home wares and house decoration. I love this the most. They really sell it to you. It has an American Retail feel to it all. And makes you want to ensure you get something before you leave.



Richie wants to add this picnic table (suite) to our already numerous collection of outdoor seating.


Towards the end of our visit we popped into their Café.


I had the Strawberry and Cookie Sundae.


Richie and Jilly both had Chocolate Brownie and Ice-cream.


This cafe offered us the respite we needed to re-charge and pick out the plants we ultimately wanted to buy.

Got both of these for our conservatory. The second one is considered a weed in the amazon (ceropegia woodii). Tiny little heart shaped leaves that can trail to two meters.



We got these also. I forget the name of them. We had them last year for our front doorstep. They bloom continually, flowering throughout the whole of the Summer, right up to end of August. Once you nip the dead flower heads off them.


Nearly forgot. This video shows more of the plant area. I took it when the heavens opened with an unpredictable April shower.

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Poem for a Home

I’ve attempted to write a little poem about Woodhaven. So be critical. If its crap, don’t hold back. You might notice the change in seasons between verses and the personification of the house as a lady. I sound like a proper poet now (said with the highest of sarcasm) 😉


She’s a Haven of life, love and serenity.
Renewing in her rebirth, forever a refuge,
A Sanctuary of silence and peace.
Perpetuating, is her garden, growing flora, fauna and me.

Freed of all life’s follies,
Meandering thoughts lean to happiness and romance.
Her shiny, smiling face,
Veiled beneath the hue of sun greened leaves.

Golden, scarlet fallen days,
Her branches and bones revealed.
Still, shrouded like a gem in a rock face.
To be discovered by those who can seek her.

Beneath her skeletal boughs
Her hearth bears cosy, flamed warmth in the depths.
She is sustenance, she is shelter, she is home. She is Lady.
The Haven, My Haven, My Heaven.


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