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It’s been a while

I’m back!!! Well not sure how often I’ll post but it’s been so long. A lot of stuff going on and I’ve managed to stick with the quilting. Not as much as I’d like but this little fella was knocked up in a few evenings, as a Christmas present for my niece who happens to be my god child. She loves the American Flag on anything, clothes, pencil cases, shoes, you name it. I think it’s a fad. You know kids.

It wasn’t rocket science and as usual it’s far from perfect but I love it so much I want to keep it for myself. Here’s phase one that my sister kindly held up for me.


And here it is completed on my niece’s wall that myself and a friend recently painted perfect blue stripes on. (Side note: It’s actually easy to paint stripes on a wall. Good masking tape. Paint the edges of the tape and the wall the original colour to stop leaks. Wait for it to fully a dry 24 hours then do the stripe colour. Remember to take off the tape while the paint is wet. )


It’s held up with pegs, simple wooden ones. Just prize them apart. Nail one piece to the wall and reassemble the peg with the other piece. Bob’s your uncle.



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Two friends of mine, Barney and Donna, asked me to be a God parent to their son. The beautiful and playful Ryan was born last November. Not only did I have the fine responsibility of being a god father, I planned to have a Quilt ready for his Christening in January. However this wasn’t to happen since, as always, I didn’t give it the time it deserved. I finished it a few weeks ago and delayed it further by not sending it until last weekend, to their home in England. Now that they have it, I can post about it.

This is only my second quilt and I can’t believe how well it has turned out. I didn’t want to just give a baby sized quilt to Ryan. Sure, it would be perfect for him now but I thought one a single bed size would be used longer and possibly become an heirloom for him in his later years.

I’ve a load of photos of this project and will do my best to minimize the amount I post. Hopefully it won’t look too cluttered.

I started off with a Moda Fabric Jelly Roll, I picked up randomly. Like a magpie, I was drawn to the bright rainbow colours. I’d seen striped quilts on other websites and loved the idea of them so Jelly Roll striped Quilt it was to be.


I had double the amount of each colour so I joined them together to make a 4.5 inch width by jelly roll length blocks. No forgetting to iron the seam as I went.


At first, I thought the colours would look good joined together but (a), the quilt wouldn’t be long enough and (b) it was too fussy looking, so I decided to break up each block with white fabric between each colour.



This made the quilt slightly too long, so I took out a few of the dark blocks. Here’s a shot, minus a few colours the blues and purples of rainbow towards the end.



Once I had all the blocks joined together I added a white border around the perimeter.


I laid it out on the table and something wasn’t right. It was too feminine for a boy. But at the same time I wanted to retain the colourful display of the fabrics. What better way to harden it up and also add a personalised touch, than to add a large varsity letter on the front. Penny from Just Cotton wasn’t too keen on this but I went with my instincts on this one. I just copied a letter from the Internet an drew it in chalk on blue fabric.



Then layered it onto white fabric and cut out about half an inch around the edge. I know it doesn’t looked ironed. I ironed the fabric afterwards. That won’t happen again.


Next came the Niggly bit of sewing them together using the cross stitch on the machine.



I liked how this turned out so I pinned the letter to the centre of the quilt and pinned down the edges and used the same cross stitch to bind it to the quilt.


I bought an Egyptian cotton flat sheet for the backing and layered the wadding and quilt on top. Then cut it to size. Looking good, don’t you think.


As usual, I pinned them together and started on the actual quilting. I was looking for a perfect design to this and needed it done quickly so i went for diagonal lines crossing, given the square diamond affect. Thank god for disappearing fabric pens. I used one to draw the lines on the top layer and just followed the lines with the machine. The lines fade over 24 hours or so or you can wet the ink and it will fade. Don’t forget to quilt from the centre.


Finally it came to the binding. I cut 2 inch strips of blue to match the letter. I was stupid here. Should’ve been 2.5 inch. Turned out a little tight. I’ve become a pro a joining the strips up. I find if you go over the edge of each end it’s easier to visualise a line from corner to corner.




I’ve even managed to do more than one at a time.


Right, we’re just about there so stick with me. I added the binding to the edge with the machine and hand stitched it to the back. You heard right. I used a needle and thread and my very own hands to do this. I’m so happy I did. The finish was perfect. So here it is. In all it’s glory. Hope you guys like. Any questions I might not have answered please feel free to contact me or comment here.


I had to put it on an old sheet to stop it from getting dirty.

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