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I popped up to pay Paul and Mark a visit at their home, in Dublin, the other other day. The two of them have been hard at work getting their garden in order, over the past year. They both laboured long and Mark is the maintainer and pretty much spends a lot of time their during the summer months, checking plants are doing well and adding constantly to his collection.


We’ve been having a very wet summer so when the sun eventually shines, the flowering plants make full use of it and immediately put their energies into blooming. And that’s how their garden is, in full bloom.


They live in an area close to Dublin city centre which I’d consider urban/suburban, and seeing their garden really confirms what you can do in a nominal amount of space.


They have a wide range of plants and flowers. I’m jealous of these flowers, since Mark said he only sprinkled the seeds on the soil. We brought these seeds back from the US (Beekman 1802 seeds), in May. We never planted our ones, so I’m sure you feel our envy.


This tiger lily is absolutely gorgeous.


Their plum tree is fruiting generously. Won’t be long for these to be fully ripe.


Mark couldn’t resist some garden work while I was there. You can tell it’s more his baby.


A little oasis in Dublins Fair city.


My green-eyed monster broke out when I saw his newly purchased Wisteria already planted and readied for training up the back of their house. I went and bought two of them myself.


And this lily. Cut back every year and this pops up every summer.


The garden isn’t only gem where they live. They have a 2 year Bernese Mountain dog called Charlie Brown and new addition in the form of a very tiny (almost toy) kitten called Woody. How cute are they.



Charlie is protective of Woody and will even pick her up and put her back to bed. Both of them are female, though you wouldn’t think it by the names.


They get on adorably with each other.



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The changeable weather has limited our time outside and getting to things that really need to be completed. Richie has used every opportunity to keep the lawns down. And fine job he’s doing of it.



I’ve managed to pot some flowers too. Though we joined forces for our window boxes.



We’ve become more American and erected a Mailbox. There was a debate on whether the postman would actually use it but we came home after day one and the little red flag was pointed skyward.


Logs, logs and more logs. This is one thing we need to get on top of. We want to have them all chopped and dry for the winter, though we’ve been lighting the stove and it’s the height of summer. That’s how cold and miserable it is this year.


Some of us are able to laze around still though. This is Yoda, a new addition to Woodhaven. Richie’s cousin is moving away and need to give Yoda a new and welcoming home. There was a bit of stand off with Victoria but they’ve found a mutual respect now.


And we still have a few noisy neighbours, popping over to the fence for the odd cup of sugar. Check out the wig on this one.


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I’ve been meaning to do a write up about a Garden Centre that’s close to my heart and close to us locally here in Mullingar. That’s O’Mearas Garden Centre. Be prepared for a lot of photos here. I went snap happy.


It’s not exactly Mullingar, but a place called Gaybrook, Co. Westmeath. (shove these into google maps for the location 53.48074211990637, -7.289772033691406). I think if you’re looking for a garden centre with a little difference then O’Mearas is the place to visit and even worth a road trip if you’re living outside of Westmeath.



I want this little bird bath.

And this little guy.

I’ll warn you now though. Bring your wallet. It can be expensive and even with the bargains and lower priced stuff, you’ll end up spending, regardless. But forget that for now. A bit of retail therapy does everyone a world of good. Don’t do what I do and just spend, price around first. O’Mearas do offer great deals but you might find things cheaper in other garden centres. One thing for sure, they tend to be better priced than Woodies and has better quality products and plants that are well taken care of.



O’Mearas seems different to most Garden Centres. Sounds like I’ve been to them all. But of the ones I’ve been to, O’Mearas offer that little bit more.



Of course there’s the multitude of plants, trees, the entire flora you can think of.


But, as you can see, they also offer home wares and house decoration. I love this the most. They really sell it to you. It has an American Retail feel to it all. And makes you want to ensure you get something before you leave.



Richie wants to add this picnic table (suite) to our already numerous collection of outdoor seating.


Towards the end of our visit we popped into their Café.


I had the Strawberry and Cookie Sundae.


Richie and Jilly both had Chocolate Brownie and Ice-cream.


This cafe offered us the respite we needed to re-charge and pick out the plants we ultimately wanted to buy.

Got both of these for our conservatory. The second one is considered a weed in the amazon (ceropegia woodii). Tiny little heart shaped leaves that can trail to two meters.



We got these also. I forget the name of them. We had them last year for our front doorstep. They bloom continually, flowering throughout the whole of the Summer, right up to end of August. Once you nip the dead flower heads off them.


Nearly forgot. This video shows more of the plant area. I took it when the heavens opened with an unpredictable April shower.

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UPDATE: I was wrong about titanic it was in april. Oops.

Or so Plutarch, the seer, said to Julius Caesar in the renowned play by Shakespeare. The date proved fateful to Caesar and also to the passengers of the Titanic 100 years ago, the date in which the ship finally submerged beneath the ocean. Old Julius didn’t take the advice of the soothsayer and was killed by his best friend. The passengers of the Titanic never even got a warning. Well I’m not afraid of the Ides of March. No sirey!

It’s half way through the month and half way through Spring. Spring time in Ireland is still February to end of April.

Well we have a few things to look forward to. St. Patrick’s Day is upon us. I’ve no real plans as yet. I’m thinking of attending the parade in Mullingar and possibly posting about it. Need to get my Green on. There will be a lot of merry making on Saturday and should all be in good spirit. I might even get to Dublin to visit family.

Spring forward and fall back. Yep, nearly that time to put the clocks forward by 1 hour. Longer, brighter days. Ok we lose the hour but it’s worth it for the extra sunlight. My SAD (Seasonal Affected Disorder) will all have disappeared.

We are busy making over the Conservatory. We’ve done a lot of painting, well, Richie has. So happy with the results so far and I’ll post about it as soon as we’re completed and are happy with the final touches. I’m looking forward to having it as a more functional space, rather than the squatting grounds for junk.

Then it will be onto the garden. It mainly needs a proper tidying up. We need to restrict the ducks from accessing our outdoor living spaces as well. They keep shitting everywhere, so it’s practically under every foot step. Wellies are a necessity at the moment! Finally, we can get to put up a fence put right of the house. Since some of the trees fell down, there’s be a wide open space and the field beside us will be filled with adolescent bulls when it’s time to put them to pasture. That will be no time at all.

Meanwhile, our Victoria, has become quite the climber. If she gets stuck, she can stay up there. I don’t think I could handle the embarrassment of having to call the Fire Brigade.


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There’s a grand stretch in the evening isn’t there? It’s bright now until 6:30 and the clocks haven’t even gone forward yet. Richie decided to use this to his advantage yesterday and get to more tasks in the garden. This time he was pulling the ivy off the stone wall, at the front of the house. He had some company, though I joined him mostly for a few pictures.


Spring is in the air again and the garden is starting to push up the new growth and buds are visible on the trees. It won’t be long until the leafy canopy is back like a green shady parasol. I make it sound like we need protection from the heat of the midday sun. I wish!


Even the nettles are pretty


In a few months time the garden will be a different place. A rural jungle. I like every season but this one has that crisp, chilled and bright air that I adore.

No lions, tigers or bears in this rural jungle but a more miniscule beast.


Victoria in her stone lair


A lonely gnome


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Ireland is having a mild winter so far, especially compared to the last two years. The past few weeks has perplexed the plants and some are starting to bloom. They might get a shock if the temperatures turn down. Winter ain’t over yet!

With the weather being so fine, Richie coerced me into a spot of ‘gardening’. Though it just felt like doing chores. Thankfully the sense of satisfaction removed that feeling, at the end of the days work and a long hot shower.

The grounds in Woodhaven are big enough to make you feel like there’s always something to do. So I’m not posting pics of anything completed really. Rather I’ll post some pics of how beautiful Woodhaven is. I was going to say; around this time of year but it’s beautiful all year round, regardless of the season. We managed to get loads done. Cleared a load of branches from the lawn and other places that had fallen when strong winds were sweeping the country a few weeks back. Removed ivy off some of the trees and front wall. And we got to move logs into a better place to dry out. It’s a bit late to plant bulbs but since the bulbs had germinated in the bags they were in we thought we plant them as well. Fingers crossed they emerge from the soil in the coming weeks.




The ducks wanted to get in on the action too. If only there were tiny carts that they could pull along filled with some logs

Richie found a paper mâché man that was propped against a tree 2 and half years ago for his 30th birthday. He tried to resuscitate him but I think he needed to just bury him. Well and truly deflated, he was.

Here’s a view of the meadow behind the house. There’s usually some bovine buddies grazing in there.

And look what else we found. Snowdrops! Gorgeous.

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So we finally got money together to get some gardeners in to breathe new life in the surroundings gardens of Woodhaven. A lot of clearing and cutting back and even a dying tree sadly got the chop. In a few more days all will be complete and clear. A few more months or days, who knows, and plant life will take hold again. None of the work seems to have disturbed the fauna. They’re more alive than ever. Birds are in full swing with mating calls or building nests for those who’ve already got lucky.



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