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1 Day, 20 Photos

I saw this on another site once and thought I’d give it a go. I was going to put descriptions in each photo to better explain but I’m leaving them as is for you to like or dislike. What I will tell you is, that’s this is what I saw from morning to night on a random day and as you’ll see the weather is ever changeable in Ireland. Almost all the seasons in one day. And one final note. The one of the fire was included in a Gizmodo.com shooting challenge. To say I was delighted, was an understatement.

Please feel to free to comment. Would love your feedback.

Apologies for the odd blurry one. I was I a hurry at the time and didn’t review the image properly after the shot.






















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It’s Gay Pride Week in Dublin this week, so we thought we’d add our touch to the festivities and bring a bit of pride to Woodhaven.

Richie took this first. He thought the tree would frame the photo better. Isn’t he getting an eye for detail?



The week culminates in the Gay Pride Parade this coming saturday, which has a new route and destination in Merrion Square. Should be good day for all, as usual. For more info go to Dublin Pride


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It was my birthday last week and i arranged to meet my best friend Paul and his boyfriend Mark. Ireland has been in the grip of a glorious spell of hot weather, that is set to continue into the next week. So rather than just visit the guys at their home we met up with them, in a hidden gem, just north of Dublin in county Meath. It’s very close to the town of Ashbourne and it’s called New Barn Farm.


I learned of this splendiferous place through word of mouth from other friends, Paddy and Elaine. They often go for lunch and bring their 1 year daughter with them. And who wouldn’t bring their kids. Not only does Newbarn Farm have the Donkey Shed restaurant but it also has an Open Farm, which is complimentary to all restaurant patrons.

You couldn’t have a Donkey Shed restaurant without a real life mule somewhere.


As I’ve said, we only had breakfast but if that’s anything to go by then lunch and dinner must be a real treat as well.

3 of us ordered the French Toast, with Crème Fraîche, maple syrup and berries, and all 3 of agreed that it was the best we have ever had.


Richie had the full Irish breakfast. He loved it and I can substantiate, from stealing the odd bite, that it was delicious too.


Mark was hungrier than the rest of us, so he grabbed the omelette. Yum, and as you can see he made short work of the french toast. Notice the empty plate.


I can see why it’s a great place to bring your family but as an adult I even enjoyed the stroll around the open farm and taking in all the animals.

Of course Richie was immediately drawn to anything fowl.

This guy I assumed would be lazy in the midday sun.

It didn’t stop him from getting up to shove his snout into the lens.

From a distance, it looked like she had an orange smile.


All the animals were eager for the green shoots they couldn’t reach.

Don’t think I’ve finished yet. What else would you expect to have in a farm? Well it wouldn’t be a farm without a farmers market. That’s right. Newbarn also sell produce, most of which is from the actual farm or locally sourced, where available.



Looks like someone needed some shade to cool off.

Mark couldn’t help picking up some fresh food items.


I’ve lived most of my life in Finglas, and it practically borders county Meath. I’ve driven by New Barn Farm many times and never knew it existed. I’m delighted to have found it and delighted to be able to pass its secret to whoever reads this. I can guarantee you will fall in love with it.

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When driving to work each morning, I pass a point where I’ve a view of Dublin Bay. I had to stop to take this. Typical Easter weather. Bright sunshine but cold and crispy. All I was short of was a booming voice from above.


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I’ve mentioned before that my parents liked to bring us places so that we didn’t get too much cabin fever. One of the regular places we’d visit was the Phoenix Park. It wasn’t far from where we lived in Dublin so we became regular visitors. It’s the largest public park in Europe, or so I’ve been told. Its home to the Irish President, Dublin Zoo, numerous Fallow Deer and an obelisk called the Wellington Monument. Or the Money Mount since we found it hard to pronounce Monument as a child. This nickname stuck because every time we went there we’d pester our Dad to bring us looking for money! It grew on the grass surrounding the Monument or it was left there by Fairies, don’t you know? Myself, my sister Ann-Marie and brother Paul (the 3 youngest) would follow my Dad single file and always find money in the grass if we looked carefully enough.

In later years, my adult brain let me know why he changed our positions in the queue behind him. It was because he’d flick the money in front of himself as he walked ahead of us. That way we were guaranteed to get an even amount of findings. This didn’t put my Dad out of pocket, because either way we were getting Ice-Cream at the White Spot on the way home, whether he paid or we did.

I think that’s a family tradition unique to our family. Who knows, maybe I’m spreading that to other families now. The park has changed since then, for the better. Not much has altered physically but there are more things to do. Bike hire is available and sometimes needed since the park is 1752 acres. There’s less traffic in the park now since a one way system is currently in operation. There’s abundance of playing fields, catering from Cricket to Soccer. There are plenty of ponds, providing a habitat to a lot of ducks. Even the Zoo, in my opinion, is one of the best Zoos in the world. Years ago it was dreary and industrial, and animals didn’t look very happy at all. But today the Zoo has many thousands of visitors a year and environments that seems to keep the animals content and engaged. Loads of info here: www.phoenixpark.ie. Go there, bring your kids. You’ll love it, no matter the season.


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