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1st: A Convex Mirror.  I’m not sure why exactly, but I’ve always liked them.  I’ve just the place for a medium sized one in the conservatory,


2nd: My Yellow Umbrella back.  You know who you are.  I had this wonderfully yellow umbrella that I got for €10 in TK Maxx.  It was samsonite and really robust.  A friend, ‘my ex-wife’, as I like to call her, borrowed it and hasn’t returned it.  I’ve always felt it brought sunshine to a gloomy day.


3rd: A Sunny Sunday.  This Sunday is what’s known as Cemetery Sunday in Mullingar.  For the past few weeks people have been visiting the graves of dead relatives and cleaning them up.  This Sunday everyone assembles in the graveyard and a mass is performed to bless the graves.  It’s done every year.  Richie’s extended family will be coming from near and far and it would be nice to have some sunshine while they visit.



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