Irish Equality

Irish Equality

‘Standing up for what is right will allow others to stand with us and to bask in the sunshine of Happiness.’ – Me, just now

You may read this, you may gleam over it or maybe you won’t see it at all because you’ve chosen to ignore me on your newsfeed.  In some ways I don’t blame you, especially over the last few weeks with the litany of posts/reposts (on facebook) relating to Marriage Equality and the Yes side.

It’s 2 days to the Marriage Equality Referendum in Ireland.  And I’m voting Yes.  Without a shadow of doubt, I’m voting yes.  I’ve a chance here to describe my childhood.  But right now who cares about the wonderfully happy times and equally miserable ones.  I have my own story, as do you.  You don’t need to know it.

Right now we need to focus on Our Story.  We have chance to make history and mold the future for the happiness of all.  Read the information, don’t go on my post.  Don’t go by anyone’s article or opinion on TV debates.  Go and get the information you need yourself and know the facts.  Then and only then can you be safe to know you’re making the right decision for all, not just for you. (though the link at the end is a good place to start).  Go out and vote.  Deep in my heart I want you to vote Yes.   I need you to vote Yes.  But it will rest in your hands on the day.

Our great nation have spread ourselves across the world and contributed remarkably to the success of other countries.  It’s time to take that greatness back to our own land once more.    We may be a small island but the referendum will be loud for all the world to hear.   And we should be heard for doing what is right and good for all us.

It will be a Monumental Moment in Irish history alone, the first country to have Marriage Equality voted by the people into our Constitution.  That is something profound and something to marvel at and most of all to be proud of.  A strong and empowering message will be echoed around this planet and will have originated with us.  And we can stand nobly, ‘We did this’.

When results are announced this Saturday, you may not cry a little.  I think I will however.  I’m not ashamed to admit that.  Whatever way it swings, I’m just hoping the tear will be for joy. Change the future and see the world not as it is but as it should be.

PS It’s my birthday on 22nd May also and I’m off work.  I’m offering lifts to and from Polling stations if anyone needs one or wants to have a car pool poll party.  Especially in my locale #votermotor

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It’s been a while

I’m back!!! Well not sure how often I’ll post but it’s been so long. A lot of stuff going on and I’ve managed to stick with the quilting. Not as much as I’d like but this little fella was knocked up in a few evenings, as a Christmas present for my niece who happens to be my god child. She loves the American Flag on anything, clothes, pencil cases, shoes, you name it. I think it’s a fad. You know kids.

It wasn’t rocket science and as usual it’s far from perfect but I love it so much I want to keep it for myself. Here’s phase one that my sister kindly held up for me.


And here it is completed on my niece’s wall that myself and a friend recently painted perfect blue stripes on. (Side note: It’s actually easy to paint stripes on a wall. Good masking tape. Paint the edges of the tape and the wall the original colour to stop leaks. Wait for it to fully a dry 24 hours then do the stripe colour. Remember to take off the tape while the paint is wet. )


It’s held up with pegs, simple wooden ones. Just prize them apart. Nail one piece to the wall and reassemble the peg with the other piece. Bob’s your uncle.


It’s with great sadness, again that I announce that there has been another passing in Woodhaven. My blog posting was on hiatus for a bit and will be for a bit longer. But I’m going to take this time to tell you all that Yoda has been put to sleep after an emergency visit to the Vet.


Yoda was a lone stray kitten when Richie’s cousin, aptly named Cat (short for Catrina), found her on the side of a road in Co. Wicklow. Cat and her boyfriend Derek, brought the little tike home to nurse her back to health and she became their pet and companion.


She was a content house cat and rarely went outside, and this allowed her to observe Catrina’s day to day routines. She even knew when to wake Catrina up in the morning by licking her nose gently. It wasn’t uncommon to see Yoda perched on the shoulder of Derek as if she was replacement for a pirate’s parrot.

Catrina spilled luxury on Yoda. She had the best pink litter tray palace and all the best foods and treats. This luxury would be removed when she came to live in Woodhaven. As it happened Catrina and Derek moved to Canada (they are there now and hopefully reading this with a sense of fondness and nostalgia), so Yoda became a new resident of Woodhaven.


We tried to slowly break Yoda out of the luxury she was used to and help her adapt to other comforts and to begin a life outdoors. She slept happily in the boiler house and was indoors most of the day, always longing to be close to one us. We were her creature comfort. She made valiant effort to the transition outside and we’ve seen her hunting with success. This, we hope, opened her world to a bigger life. Or well, that’s what I’m telling myself, the poor little thing.


When she came to us, I was used to Victoria and her youthful ways and Yoda arrived with a quiet maturity that I didn’t understand all the time. But this didn’t take away from the fact that she was to become a member of the family. Sometimes I thought she acted peculiar but I can safely say that this was probably down to her new found condition and reason for her passing. You see, Yoda, or Yody as Catrina mostly called her, had underdeveloped kidneys. We sometimes felt she looked off but would bounce back. Obviously this was causing her pain and it all came to a head yesterday evening. Richie could see she didn’t look well at all and seemed to have lost weight overnight. He went to the vet and it was confirmed about her kidneys and the vet confidently expressed that they believed Yoda hadn’t very long to live. The pain was likely unbearable.


The decision was made to allow Yoda to be put to sleep. Richie wanted to be there for her and stayed with her until the end. I don’t think I could’ve done that. He found it very upsetting, for Yoda, for himself and for how Catrina and Derek might feel, especially since they are now in a different country.

I can only take consolation in knowing that Yoda is in a better place and probably with Victoria. Her passing has left another sense of melancholy in my heart, as it has with the rest of Woodhaven. RIP Yoda.


Weekly Want: 8

I’ve been busy all week so not much time for posting.


1st: Nespresso Pixe. I’ve wanted one for ages. From all reports, they seem to be a coffee lovers dream. Simple and quick to use. Not that I’m crazy about my coffee, but would be nice to have at the weekends when I’m at home and not grab coffees on the go.


2nd: A Quilt from Luke Haynes. I’ve been following Luke for a while now and am totally in love with his quilts. He mixes the traditional with modern appliqué images and creates wonderful pieces of art. Check him out and his projects at http://www.lukehaynes.com He has become someone I admire and aspire to be like, if ever, for my quilting projects (however few they are).

Hello Kitty!

I’ve been holding off on posting about another recent addition to the Woodhaven clan. Following the death of my beloved Queen Victoria, I was quite adamant about not getting another pet, least of all a cat. But just as Vicky arrived unannounced (against her usual, more grandeur entries), this little guy appeared at our patio door a few weeks ago.



We managed to capture him after an hour long escapade of ducking and diving. He wasn’t in a great shape either. For the first week we cleaned him up, fed him and monitored his symptoms, which was a runny nose and clotted eyes. Once the week was up I brought him to the vet for a full check and the vet did usual vaccinations and a jab for Feline flu, which is what he believed was affecting the little guy.


He’s now foot loose and fancy free and totally friskified (which is a new word for wild, curious, up to mischief and bold). Oh and he’s also not a he, he’s a she. We haven’t settled on a name just yet, since we thought he was a male and were initially going with Prince Leopold. We’re not even sure we’ll keep him. He’s already stalking the ducks (more on them soon). The only way I’d let her go is if she was going to a devoted, decent home.


Weekly Want: 7

1st: A Convex Mirror.  I’m not sure why exactly, but I’ve always liked them.  I’ve just the place for a medium sized one in the conservatory,


2nd: My Yellow Umbrella back.  You know who you are.  I had this wonderfully yellow umbrella that I got for €10 in TK Maxx.  It was samsonite and really robust.  A friend, ‘my ex-wife’, as I like to call her, borrowed it and hasn’t returned it.  I’ve always felt it brought sunshine to a gloomy day.


3rd: A Sunny Sunday.  This Sunday is what’s known as Cemetery Sunday in Mullingar.  For the past few weeks people have been visiting the graves of dead relatives and cleaning them up.  This Sunday everyone assembles in the graveyard and a mass is performed to bless the graves.  It’s done every year.  Richie’s extended family will be coming from near and far and it would be nice to have some sunshine while they visit.


I popped up to pay Paul and Mark a visit at their home, in Dublin, the other other day. The two of them have been hard at work getting their garden in order, over the past year. They both laboured long and Mark is the maintainer and pretty much spends a lot of time their during the summer months, checking plants are doing well and adding constantly to his collection.


We’ve been having a very wet summer so when the sun eventually shines, the flowering plants make full use of it and immediately put their energies into blooming. And that’s how their garden is, in full bloom.


They live in an area close to Dublin city centre which I’d consider urban/suburban, and seeing their garden really confirms what you can do in a nominal amount of space.


They have a wide range of plants and flowers. I’m jealous of these flowers, since Mark said he only sprinkled the seeds on the soil. We brought these seeds back from the US (Beekman 1802 seeds), in May. We never planted our ones, so I’m sure you feel our envy.


This tiger lily is absolutely gorgeous.


Their plum tree is fruiting generously. Won’t be long for these to be fully ripe.


Mark couldn’t resist some garden work while I was there. You can tell it’s more his baby.


A little oasis in Dublins Fair city.


My green-eyed monster broke out when I saw his newly purchased Wisteria already planted and readied for training up the back of their house. I went and bought two of them myself.


And this lily. Cut back every year and this pops up every summer.


The garden isn’t only gem where they live. They have a 2 year Bernese Mountain dog called Charlie Brown and new addition in the form of a very tiny (almost toy) kitten called Woody. How cute are they.



Charlie is protective of Woody and will even pick her up and put her back to bed. Both of them are female, though you wouldn’t think it by the names.


They get on adorably with each other.


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